A downloadable game for Windows

You play as the Chameleon, Cheese. Abducted by the evil scientist – Herbert Von Gloompenstein and taken aboard SkyLab, a secret laboratory hidden within a blimp in the sky, you must try and escape and return home. He has chosen Cheese because he wants to harness Cheese's power of invisibility, and SkyLab is dedicated to experimenting on creating various animal hybrids to create a personal army.

Fortunately, due to someone's clumsiness, the door to Cheese's cage has been left unlocked, and that gives him the chance to escape! From there, Cheese has to navigate his way to through all of the various regions on the way home - from the mountains to the sea and even through the sewers!

Avoid the various traps and enemies Herbert has sent your way and return home safe and sound before his owner, Mac, does and finds Cheese missing!


Mac N' Cheese.zip 26 MB